Light Duty Crane E-Learning ProgramsWe are Now Offering All of our Light Duty Crane Operator Safety Programs utilizing Zoom Technology.

The program is delivered via Zoom to the students.  Upon completion a provisional certificate will be issued to the operator.

A practical portion will administered by an appointed person within your organization (or we can for additional fees), based on an outline provided by our company to you.

Once the practical has been recorded and sent to us for verification, a full certificate will be issued to you.

Our programs are always available as ‘on-site’ delivery. 

As regulations allow and our customers policy allow until further notice, we are working with what we have been dealt with and will continue to innovate and pivot to meet our customers needs.

Please do not hesitate to call us at (844) 334-8847 for pricing and details or send us an email using the form below.

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