Carry Deck Crane Operator Safe Use Certification

Our 1-day program is for ALL Carry Deck cranes with a capacity of 1- 8 tons!


We will be offering an advanced course, 3-days in duration (2-days crane, 1-day rigging) in late fall of 2021, please contact us to be placed on the list.

In this program your operator will be provided the following:

  • Load Control Techniques
  • Pre Use Inspections
  • Safety Regulations & Standards
  • Carry Deck Crane Fundamentals
  • Preventative Maintenance & Procedures
  • Principles of Balance, Stability & Capacity
  • Safe Operations for Applicable Designations

At the end of the program if successful your operators will receive:

  • Certificate (3 year renewal period)
  • Laminated Wallet Card
  • End of day training summary
  • Full documentation provided to update your COR/SECOR/Insurance files

Course Overview:

  • 1 day in duration
  • Morning Theory (approx. 3.5 hours)
  • Afternoon practical (until completion)
  • Manual and test provided

Contact us via email HERE 

If your crane is larger than 8-tons in Capacity, according to Trade Secrets Alberta, you will be required to have a trade registered operator run the crane.  See information HERE