Cargo Securement Training

This half-day load securement course has been developed for Managers, Safety Officers, Dispatchers, Truck Drivers and Shippers.

A 1/2 day cargo securement training course covers the North American Cargo Securement Standard (NSC Standard 10) in ALBERTA only.

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The objective is to have the participant understand how to calculate the formulas required to ensure their cargo is properly secured. Insecure cargo or “loose loads” is an ‘out-of-service’ component that is becoming one of the transportation industries most common ‘Carrier profile safety violations’. Learn the various load attachment requirements and avoid costly violations. You can then build your own company/commodity specific transport driver safety courses using the materials provided.

Course Overview:

  • National Safety Code – 16 Standards Overview
  • NSC Standard 10 – Cargo Securement
  • Current Alberta Cargo Securement Regulation
  • General Freight/Bulk Commodities/Pipe Tubes
  • Cargo Securement & Rig Moves
  • Securement Devices & Working Load Limits

Transportation compliance certificates will be issued upon successful completion of the exam.

You can download and read the required information at your convenience by clicking HERE from Alberta Transportation.

Now, in Alberta we see a significant number of loads that are not secure to the vehicle transporting that load, as part of our operator training series we have just introduced this to our portfolio of operator training given many of our students have or need this training.