We are in the Bonnyville area approx. 4x per year.

We often try to reach out to other companies [if the HSE we are working for will allow it], to bring in smaller companies that may not have our minimum number.

So far we’ve had the pleasure of working with 7 different companies for picker safety training in the Bonnyville region.  Our program is simple, concise and emphasizes our 3-core process for all the operators. 

You won’t see us doing is simply showing the operators how it’s done, they all get to do everything we talk about during the morning session.

Contact us today to talk or book a training session (403) 606-0603

We strive to keep our costs down for the business owners by bringing our training to you, that way you don’t have to send anyone anywhere, keeping travel time and hourly wages to a minimum.

ON top of that, we provide the certificates and laminated wallet cards at the end of the training (provided we have full operator names 3 -days prior to the training).

Send us an email HERE to discuss and we’re confident one conversation you will see the difference we bring.