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OH&S Alberta “... An employer must ensure that a lifting device is only operated by a competent worker authorized by the employer to operate the equipment,” and “… an employer must insure that rigging to be used during the work shift is inspected thoroughly at the beginning of the shift to insure that it is functional and safe.”  (Source: Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code – Part 6, 64 (1); Part 21, 294 ).

Q: Can You Show a New Operator Who Has Never Run a Knuckle Boom In One Day?
A: We simply can’t make you a good operator in one day.  Our 3-core principles gives you or your operator the foundation.  It’s up to you (the business owner) to ensure you always have a “competent” operator.

Q: What is The Requirements in Alberta to Operate a Light Duty Knuckle Boom Picker?
A: For The Answer in detail, click HERE scroll to page 12 for more, but the short answer is:

– Knuckle Boom Cranes [without a winch]An articulating boom without live lines (No Winch), that has a lifting capacity greater than 8-TONS (7.3 tonnes) and less than 45 tons (40.8 tonnes) requires a trade registered operator.
– Knuckle Boom Cranes [without a winch] –  An Articulating boom possessing live lines that has a lifting capacity greater than 5-TONS (4.5 tonnes) and less than 45 tons (40.8 tonnes)

Q: What is the Requirements in Saskatchewan to Operate a Light Duty Picker?
A: Saskatchewan requirements are that if the crane is 5-tons or less, by OH&S standards, the owner of the company must ensure the operator of any equipment is competent, and must provide proper training and tools.  In Saskatchewan, small or light duty knuckle boom cranes fall under the Power Mobile Equipment (PME) , Section 153 part II
Click HERE to read the full details we received from Saskatchewan Workplace SafetySimply put, we can train in AB, SK and MB.

Q: What is the Apprenticeship Requirements in Manitoba to Operate a Light Duty Picker?
A: Click HERE For Details
Simply put, we can train in AB, SK and MB.

Q: Does Your Provide Operator Competency?
A:  No, we provide a “crane operator safety awareness” program.  The ONLY person to deem your operator competent is an appointed person in the business the operator works for.

Q: Do I Need a Crane Scale On My Knuckle Boom Crane?
A: No You Don’t, You Have One of The Safest Cranes In The Industry, But Did You Know That You Remove LIABILITY as The Business Owner When You Have Provided ALL The Necessary Tools To Ensure a Safe Operator is provided with – Proper equipment and Proper training.

Q: What Standard is Used For The Familiarization Program?
A: Guidelines are Set Out in the CSA Z150.3-2017, Specifically set up as The Safety code on articulating boom cranes.  To purchase your copy please click HERE

Q: How Many Students can we work with in one Day?
A: To Come Out On-Site, our Minimum is 4 Operators, Maximum of 12 (we have a new flat rate for groups of 10 or larger)

Q: Do You Do Saturday Training Sessions?
A: Yes, There is a Nominal Up Charge For This Agreed in Advance.

Q: What Are the rules in BC for Operators?
A: In BC, you are required to be certified by BCACS, you can also use EaglesWest and Falcon as well
A: In AB, SK & MB, while there is no “Legislation” that mandate any formal “training” for knuckle boom cranes under guidelines set out above, as the owner, when you build a crane truck that costs upwards of $450,000+, wouldn’t you want some very valuable foundations instilled in your operator’s?

Q: How Much Notice Do You Require For Cancellation?
A: We Require 72-Hours notice prior to cancellation or we reserve the right to charge the entire amount.  If a student is a no show, we do charge for that unless we have had proper notice.

Q: Is This The Same as “Overhead Cranes”?
A: No, Overhead Cranes Lift Completely Different, Using a Winch Line Suspended Beneath Two Large Beams.